ALCOVA 2021, Milan, (SuperSalone)
(4–12 September 2021)
Hello, I am Andrey Budko, product designer.

Hear My Roooar is a collection of rugs made by wool felt with high-tech embroidery.

This is a research of the evolution of technologies and cultural heritage in the modern world. My product is a result of studying traditional crafts and social mythology.
This collection of rugs is dedicated to the three very popular modern patterns: leopard print, tattoos, and military camouflage. These patterns are mythologized. Each of them seems to give the owner some new abilities or properties that were not there before. You put it on and you add attraction, freedom or courage.
Embroidery is a craft, which was a part of traditional Slavic costumes and daily household items. Wool felt as a material that is best known for the traditional winter boots "valenki", which today look more like souvenir rather than practical shoe. The main idea is to find new life for technologies and materials, using what digital age has to offer and making it practical again.
The basis of the rugs (carpets) is a high quality non-woven fabric made of 100% wool. The pattern on the rug is embroidered with ceramic thread. Depending on the design, each rug has between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 embroidery stitches.

First part of HEAR MY ROOOAR collection (12-leg leopard)was presented at SaloneSatellite 2019 and won a SaloneSatellite х Rinascente competition.
248x140cm / 100% wool felt / ceramic thread
252x140cm / 100% wool felt / ceramic thread
250x140cm / 100% wool felt / ceramic thread
Photo by Polina Poludkina
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